maandag 12 maart 2012

Project Life week 7

Another week to share. Love how this week turned out. Really great. Simply love this papers of Authentique. Real good for boys.. and it was his birthday this week.. so even better !! It was just perfect ! Better said.. it was celebrating his b-day at school.. because his real birthday in December.

Here is the complete spread of this week :

Just a lot of happy smiling pictures this week. it was so much fun. The little man enjoyed every minute of it. That is sure !

At his school it is tradtion that the whole class sings for the birthday kid under a flag.. so also for Fabian. It is so cute to see how they all stand there and sing their lungs out ! Very cute ! And the picture with his b-day had makes me smile. He is looking so cute there.

This week he also made some fireworks at school. Nice but a bit late. But he was so proud of it.

This side contains a lot of party pics ! They had such fun at the indoorplayground. We never had been there before.. only little man for another party. He liked it so much that he wanted to celebrate there.. well no problem ofcourse. For us it was boring but they had fun.. that is the most important ofcourse !

Meanwhile.. I am still working.. looking to get up to date with the project life. I am getting there. I am now working on the second week of February.. so getting closer. Really don't mind to be behind. Love doing it. if I am behind or not. When I go throught the album.. I know.. it is really good.. and so nice to see. Never thought our weeks were that full. Always thought they were pretty boring. You learn a lot about your life. Like that very much.

Tommorrow I will be hooking up with Project Life Tuesday at the Mom Creative.. love to see what you all made of it. ... and ofourse.. I like comments !!!

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camilla zei

I love looking at how truly full our weeks are. I love that Project Life does that for me.

LOVE your pages and I love the kit your chose for the pages. You're right, so good for a boy.

Jules zei

Beautiful colours in your pages. So many lovely photos too!

April zei

love the colors and the blue wood grain paper is amazing! looks like you had a great week!

Kelli zei

love the color combo! Great capture of your week.

Fiona zei

Great pages! I love the colours you used :)

Miriam Rodriguez zei

I love your pages!!! Wonderful colors!!