dinsdag 6 maart 2012

Project Life week 6

It is that time of the week again.. Sharing project life !! Still behing.. but still it is ok. Getting there. Today I will work on it again. So have more to share.. maybe I will share another one this week.
Love the idea of sharing on Tuesday ! Just downloaded these great freebies for project life throught One Happy Mama's blog. Really love them !! I am not a buyer online because I bought one set.. and somehow I don't get them printed out the right way. So I am a bit scared of buying some more ! Although I would love too if I just knew I would get them in a printable pdf. That would be perfect for me. NO trouble printing than.

So now sharing my week 6.. the first full week of January.

This is the whole spread of the week. I just wanted some nice blue.. than I found some orange..and just wanted to give it a try. Love how it turns out.
Our son had his Christmas holiday that week.. so lot of silly things. That is always nice. Like it so much having him around.

Now a closer look at my pages...

Just could not resit showing our Christmas village again. It is so lovely. Those light sparkling in the evening.. just nice !

This week Fabian went to the cinema with his grandpa. It was a promise.. so they went togehter. He really liked the film. Sooo cool ! He destroyed the tickets so I searched for a picture of the movie.
Than DH and he searched for a racetrack of Carrera. He really wanted one, but did not have enough money yet. He was dissapointed, but after waching on the internet how much it costs and than knowing how much he had to save to be at his goal everything was allright again.

Later that week my darlings backed some cupcakes for school. It was his birthday and than they give the other kids something yummie for that. Here it is called trakteren.. really don't know the english word for it. Sorry !! Fabian was really excited.

Today he only has to go to school untill eleven.. so... have to check my watch. Don't want to be late...
Off to do some cleaning.. needs to be :((

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Julie Coryell zei

Very nice! Thanks for sharing! I love the printable cards I bought from One Happy Mama last week. I used them in my pages this week & last week. If you buy the printable pdf, not the digital brush set, they are super easy to use.

Kimberly zei

Beautiful layouts! I love seeing how others are using project life!