zaterdag 31 juli 2010

New Scrappassion Challenge

This monthe we have a great summer challenge. We had to make a canvas that gives us the summerfeeling.. and use the inside of the canvas. Really a great challenge. I normally don't use a canvas that often.. and when I use one.. I use it the "normal" way. So this was really nice.
This pictures of Fabian really give me the summerfeeling. Running around playing with water. The paper of Echo Park just is sooo right for it. Gotta love it.

Now it is standing at my dads at the rehabclinic. He loved it so much that I let him keep it to keep him holding his spirit ( which is not a problem by the way) He was at our home yesterday and we had a really lovely day.

vrijdag 30 juli 2010


For sometime we really had some hot weather overhere... I just was in the mood than to make a real summer lo. It was to hot outside to do something.. so I stayed inside because it was better there. These pictures were taken last year when we were on holiday in Austria. Fabian really love to play with water when it is hot and run around with a naked upperbody. When the sun shines he thinks he can do it.. even when it is not that warm. Funny little guy.

Today I have a day with peace and quiet. Fabian is with his grandma and Juergen is painting the outside of the house. So really nice here inside. No one who wants something from me. I really like that every now and than.

Tonight I will visit my dad. He is going so good. Was at home already two sundays and this sunday he will come home again. I really hope that in the near future he can come home for the whole weekend. That would be so great. He really works hard and the doctors are really statisfied with how he is doing. Now he can come in his wheelchair and out of it on his own with a kind of slide. He can also get in the car with this slide so we can get him ourself with the car and not depend on the wheelciartaxi. Let's hope he can come home forever real soon. It is already seven months now almost.

woensdag 28 juli 2010

Finally !

Finally I have a new lens on my camera.. it was broken so I could not take new piccies of the stuff I made lately.
Now I have put them all on and can show you a lot of my work I made lateley... so overload on photos this time I think

These photos are made when we were on honeymoon almost seven years ago. We do not care for long distance travel so we went to EuroDisney for our honeymoon. It was really nice and we want to go back with Fabian some day.

Here an old photo of my mum and my uncle when they were younger. Really love those old photos

A picture made also almost seven years ago when Juergen climed a high mountain with my dad, uncle and Rudi ( an old friend of ours from Austria)

Some years ago we made a 30 km long hike in the moutains of the Czech Repulic with a whole group. Ofcourse the whole group had to go on the photo for memories later. It was a hard and cold hike.. but beautifull

woensdag 21 juli 2010

Challenge MME blog

On the MME blog they had a sketch challenge and use the word HOPE. I really loved this sketch and the idea of using the word HOPE. So I thought I play along.
It was really fun making this layout and love how it got.

zondag 18 juli 2010

Got an award !!

This award I became from Michelle. Really sweet of you girl !! I could use it. Should give it to people with a special reason. But the people I could think off already have it.
So it is for all the people that know for them themselves they deserve it.

Lately I did a secret scraplift on the SYM messageboard. Now we are all through and I can show the lo that I made. It is about my grandma. She isn't with us anymore for several years now. Still miss my grandmams ( both of them) I find it a very nice picture of her.

Today is a special day for us. My dad can come home for a several hours. The first time since six months. It will be great. Finally he will be in his own home again. Although it is only for some hours. For sure there will float some tears.. but think that is only normal. We will do some BBQ because the weather is also very nice. Hopefully from now on he can come home more often. That would be so nice !!

Edit: somehow I cannot get the picture in any other way.. sorry !!!!

woensdag 7 juli 2010

Orange dude

Here a picture of my son on Queens Day here in Holland. It is tradition that childeren can let balloons up in the morning. This year we went for the first. Now he is 4 years old and big enough to do such things. He made a hat at school and got a thing that makes noise.. so... off we were. He got two balloons and was so happy. Really love this photo. It looks like he has real big ears because he pulled his hat down so far that his ears became really silly. He is a real orange dude !!!!

Furter.. my life isn't that exciting in the moment. My son has schoolholiday and we are relaxing when I am not working. Meaning.. he plays outside a lot.. and mom does what she has to do.. some household and after that when I want to some scrapping or so. Tommorrow wiil be a whole of scrapping at my moms !! That really is a long time ago. We did not do that since my dad came in the hospital 6 months ago. So we are looking forward to that. Will be nice.

vrijdag 2 juli 2010

New Challenge Scrappassion blog !!

OVer at Scrappassion we have a new challenge.. because it is July already !! Time flies way to fast !! This month Monique came with the challenge. Make a layout in black and white with a black/white photo or make a layout in brown/white with a sepia photo. A real nice challenge although it can be though.. but that is the challenge.. and we scrappers need those.. Right ??!!

Here is what I made for this month....

I used an old photo of my mum again. I just loooove these photo's. Here she is at school and had to pose this way. Just love it. So nice that my mum found me all these old piccies. There will be coming a lot more I think.

So hop over to the Scrappassion blog and join. It is really nice and you can win a nice price.