dinsdag 8 mei 2012

Project Life Tuesday week 13

Tuesday.. project life day ! I missed last week. Was so busy with our new kitchen.. it was placed and had to do soo many things for that. I just did not have the time to blog. Now I am back.. showing my week 13. I am almost catched up. That is really nice.. but it does not bother me that I am behind. Still loving it every day ! It is so nice.. and love to see our every week !
Here is the spread for the end of febraury. I am soo behind in showing.. maybe I will catch up some day.. but I really like it that I can show something every week with you. Looove looking at every one elses project life's ! It was a very nice week.. like every week.. Never thought I love my life in pictures that much ! Realizing we do so much every week is so nice. Just enjoying every little detail. The first signs of spring were in our garden this week. That made me so happy. Just looove spring.. the most beautifull time of year. When the leaves start growing. The flowers start showing again... just cannot get enough of it.
Love the spring.. so the flower are in my project life. Just so lovely to see everyting bloom in the backyard. Love sneeuwklokjes ( sorry don't know the english name) it is to bad they don't bloom that long. So enjoy the moment. It is so nice that every year we have more of it. Never enough ofcourse !! Tulips were early also.. so the will show up in my project life soon. You can never enough flowers in your project !! :) There was some relaxing this week.. feet up.. and enjoy the rest. Than we had to take a silly mummy and son picture.. we did it well I guess :)) It is so important to me that I make pictures with Fabian every now and than.. just because we hardly stay on a picture togehter because I am always behind the camera ! We did some movie looking ofcourse Cars 2.. the all time fave here at the moment. Already watched it 200 times.. but he can never can get enough of it. Since it was holiday time we went to visit my mam and so some scrappin'. That is always very nice. Just like some croptime with my mum.
Jurgen got a not at his job from his manager. Was so important to him that he got it. So it just had to be in project life ! Keeping it for later ! That he knows he does a good job.. so importatn. Than there was eating tomatasoup.. never took piccies of our dinner... but it had to be in it. Finally that week I got my Becky core kit. I made me soooo happy. Really wanted it.. and now I have it.. feels sooo good !! Use it very often.. it is so nice. Than there was some sillyness from Fabian with a balloon. He can get so crazy with things like this. Drawing funny faces on balloons and than play with it all afternoon. That is so nice. He can enjoy the very simple things in life. Really like that ! It is so important for kids to have that.

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Jules zei

Lovely pages.
You're right - it's great that our children can get so much joy from the simplest things, and it's great that we can record that in our Project Life albums too!

Bitumen Sprayer zei

I’ll bookmark your blog and check again here frequently. I am rather sure I’ll learn many new stuff

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