dinsdag 17 april 2012

Project Life week 11

It is Tuesday !! Project life time again.

Last week I had to pass. My dad came in the hospital with heart problems.. so I had a lot on my mind the last two weeks. Today he will be home again. They operated him and he had a triple bypass. Feeling good again ! I am so happy that they could help him and when time goes by it will get better and better.
It was a big shock but luckyly they could help him. Two years ago my dad was very ill and balanced between life and dead.. so we were really scared for some days. Glad it turned out for the best !!

So now to project life. This is the week of 16th of febraury. Really behing in showing.. and a month behind in making. But I really feel no pressure to get it done quicker. Make notes everyday and than I can do it in my own pase.

Here is this weeks spread. Just had to put some inserts in it.. had to little space because of all the winter piccies I made. Winter just is lovely when it has snow and we can do some iceskating. Now that spring is here ( not the tempratures) it seems like so long ago. Well it is two months ago ofcourse :)

This week there was a man to measure our kitchen for the new one we bought. They measure real carefull so that everything will fit in. Fabian was really intrested although he did not see very much ! But it is not so bad to be curious !!
The photo of me is really crazy. Went iceskating with work.. but the wind was so cold that I had to warm my face. Not knowing someone would take a picture of that. But it turned out to be funny !!
The photo of J√úrgen and me is made by Fabian.. really like how it turned out. We hardly ever have piccies of the two of us together. It will be scrapped in an other way too I think !!

A closer look to one of the inserts. At school they have the sunshine of the week every week. This week Fabian was the sunshine. Other kids have to name good things of him..or what they like about him. Than they get this paper to remember. Really nice ofcourse !

This is the other side.. some journaling about the muppets Fabian collected.. the muppet movie we went to and really, really like.. even though I am not a big muppet fan. The movie was great.
And a lot of journaling about I friendship I ended after long time. It was not a nice thing to do.. but the best for me. It turned out I expected and wanted more from this friendship than she did. Could not put that energy in anymore. It has to come from both sites.. and it clearly only came from my side. Really wanted it in here to. Also the Facebook mailing we did.. but that I hided.

So a full and nice week !! At the half of Febraury !
Commented is always nice ofcourse ! :)

4 opmerkingen:

April zei

sorry about your dad...I hope that he is doing better...I know it can be a long recover after heart surgery...

love your pages...yea project life!


Jody zei

I am jealous of your snow pictures. We barely had any this winter. But the upside to that was the above average temperatures we had. Our tulips even bloomed earlier this year.

Sara zei

So glad your dad is doing ok! Your layout looks great! I love all the typing on journal cards. Looks very neat and clean. Love that!

Fiona zei

Nice pages! I'm glad your Dad is doing better. I love the borders on your journalling cards...are they hand drawn?