dinsdag 3 april 2012

Project Life week 10

Still running behind but still loving it !

This is the spread I made for the week from 30th of Janaury till 5th of Febraury. We had snow for the first time this year. It came down in one afternoon when I was at work. I took piccies from it coming down in different stages. So nice to see the progress.

Really lovely when winter comes in. I love the snow and the freezing. So a lot of snow pictures this week. But other things happened too.
When my son came home from his swimminglessons had this funny looking hair. You really don't see it very well on the photo but it was so funny. My hubby starting looking what was in the kitchen since we are getting a new one.
In school they had the Indian theme.. so a lot of indian stuff coming home ! And than eating his fave meal .... french fries with a typical dutch snack called frikandel.

Than we had some relaxing.. playing Wii.. some nice blueberry muffins at work.. some playing Lego.. and we lost another tooth ! Little one is getting real big.

3 opmerkingen:

Nirupama zei

There is something so effortless with Clementine, but you really made it your own.

April zei

love the feeling of your title card...your pages look wonderful...I am a week behind right now, I won't let myself catch up until I am caught up with the job that actually pays me MONEY :) only one more day and I can dive back into PL :)


Kelli zei

I love snow days! and the art work you added from your child is awesome :)