dinsdag 24 april 2012

Project Life Tuesday week 12

Not very much to tell because we are rebuilding our kitchen.. really not much time. But I wanted to share some project life.
Here is the spread with the inlay of the Indiancertificate Fabian got at school. They celebrated the birthday of the teachers all at the same time. And this week it was that day. So costumes on.. and celebrate all morning. Fabian went as a pirate althought the theme was Indian. He really had a blast !!
Here the left page. I love burning candles in the evening.. so that just had to be in my project life. It brings this cozy feeling in the house. Just nice ! So a lot of candles are burning in my house in the winter. This is the week of the 13th of February. Yeah I know..I am behind.. in showing I am very far behind.. making not so far ! This week I also got a set of page protectors for project life and I was expecting my Clementine core kit from Becky.. but that took some longer.
Left side.. more of the celebration at school. I really love the photo of Fabian with a girl from his class. She has a crush on Fabian.. and that looks soo cute ! It gives me a real big smile on my face when I see it. Than I was scrapping with some girls that weekend. Was sooo very nice. I enjoyed it very much. We had a group picture.. but somehow I could not get it printed. Sorry ladies.. it is a very short and quick post.. Gonna have to break in the kitchen again. Friday we will have our new one and I will have more time again. Love the read your comments !!

4 opmerkingen:

Kelli zei

beautiful! I don't think it's a big deal you are behind at all...stick with it, breath and keep on moving :) Love the name Fabian :)

sharon71 zei

Looks great Mariska, just keep on going.

I agree with you about candles setting a lovely mood.

Thanks for sharing.

Bev zei

Love all of the pictures!

Janna Werner zei

Thanks for the peeks into your life, Mariska :)
Have a great day,