zondag 28 augustus 2011

Quick summer lo

I came on the October Afternoon blog and saw this great sketch. Real easy but I like the way it turned out. Just lovely.

Next week the online classes of Deutschland Scrappt are starting.. really cannot wait to see what the girls made of it.
I expect more than the SummerCamp brought me.. it was not what I expected and costed waaaay more. So let's see next week.

woensdag 17 augustus 2011


As you know I just loooove the sketches of Creative Scrappers. Also tried two times to get in the team.. but unfortunately did not make it. But that does not mean I will give it up :))
This sketch (sketch 167) I also loved but took me a bit longer to make it ! I just could not decide what foto's to use for it.
Finally I found some old piccies of my dad and decided I would use those !

Although they are old piccies I decided not to scrap them in vintage colors but in yellow and green, because I liked it so much ! Think it turned out nice ! Just love this one myself ! :)

There are more sketches of Creative Scrappers comin' finally get to it to make them.

maandag 15 augustus 2011

Creative Scrappers sketch

Yesterday the new sketch of Creative Scrappers came online. Just loved it right away and had to make it also yesterday. Just got some new papers from Authentique that were perfect for some winter piccies.

I also used a technique that I learned or saw at the SummerCamp of Celine Navarro. ( as shame.. but it is the first thing I used)
The piccies is more than a year old but this just fitted so great !!!

dinsdag 9 augustus 2011


I still have so many photo's of our holiday from last year.. that I started scrapping them finally when we were on away. It is just so relaxing to do that.

These photo's where also made last year. It was so sweet to see him sit there. Just exploring everything that was there.

I used some yummie October Afternoon Rocket Age. That is such great boys paper. You got a love it.

Lately two ladies from Germany are really inspiring me. They are nice and really are making such great stuff. They also are planning something. Don't know what yet but at August 15th I will know more. Hope Holland kann also join, because it is called "Deutschland scrappt"( germany scrapps) Janna Werner and Felicitas Klink they are such creative girls. So let's do it girls.. just like you very much.

zondag 7 augustus 2011

Quick layout show

This picture was made two years ago when we were on holiday in Saalbach-Hinterglemm. Since we were going there this year too I had the idea to make the same picture to see how much Fabian has grown. But bad luck.. when we went there he already had his cast and there were a lot of people wanting to get in to listen. So.. no picture. He could not sit in this time. So instead of a double lo it became a single one.

dinsdag 2 augustus 2011

Back from holiday

Soooo time flies when you are having fun. We had 3,5 weeks off from work and now my first working day is behind me already again. When you are off the days are even going faster I believe.. but think everyone has that same feeling.

Our holiday was great. We went to Austria and that was awesome. The first 1,5 weeks the weather was really nice and sunny, so we spent a lot of time outside. And that was really lovely because back home it rained during that time. So we were glad to be there. Did some relaxing, went to a show with predatory birds .. and than was really awesome.

We also went on a boattrip on the W├Ârtersee. Fabian really wished for that so we did it. It was a very long trip but he was happy afterwards. So than it is fine.

The last week the weather wasn't that great. We had two days of rain and it was very cold. Only 15 degrees Celcius. So really not warm. We even had to wear sweaters. And that is not what you want when you go on holiday. Than on Monday before we went home Fabian hurt himself and has a tear in his bone of his foot. So he has a cast now around his leg. Tommorrow we will go to the hospital here and hope he may walk again. That would be so nice. He is real heavy to carry.

And ofcourse I did some scrapping when I was on holiday. It is just so relaxing.. hahaha
Made a sketch of Creative Scrappers.. this one :

And this is what I made of it :

One other nice thing to mention. Before we went on holiday I went to Scrapbooking Stuttgart where Felicitas was giving a workshop and we got to meet. It was soo nice to meet her in real life.. although it was very short. I think we got along and it would be nice to meet her again when I am there again.