dinsdag 28 september 2010

Had a great weekend !!!!!!

This weekend we went away with the Scrappassion girls. All of us in a little house.. scrapping all weekend.. having fun.. laughing.. just soo great. We were with six and the others came on Saturday for one day. We did some brainstorming for a whole new year of Scrappassion and we came up with real nice challenges that will be fun for all of you to join. I am sure of that.
I even made 4 new layouts. Unfortunately it is to dark to make some photos of them It is so rainy over here.. so you have to wait before I can show them.

This lo is made some time ago. Love this photo of my little man. We were on holiday in Austria and in this park we were they had this gorgeus bank that is normally in Barcelona.. so he sat on it and made this picture. Just looove how he is laughing.

Last Friday my dad finally came home after being away for more than 8 months. At the beginning of this year we never thought this could happen to us. It was a real nightmare the first three months. But now the day finally came and he is at home again. He will be having fysiotherapie for three days a week.. but this week he will have "holiday" to adjust at home again. Really nice not to be running in the evening.. just eat together and than have real family time. I am gonna enjoy it for sure.. although it was weird last night.

zondag 12 september 2010

My little tigger

Here he is my little tigger. We were at a party of his school and they could transform.. at first he really did not want to. But than our neighbour came by and had some on her face. That was really intresting and he decide he would like that too. So we went to sit. He wanted to be a tiger. Because that was really dangerous. It was so funny to see. It tikkeled so he made funny faces. Unfortunately I did not have my camera at that place.. so no pictures of that. When he was almost finished he had enough of sitting still all the time. But hey.. he made it. It looked really seet.. but you can see he was very tired.
When we came home he wanted me to get is off. He did not want to wear it in bed. I was so glad that I made photos of it. He looks very, very sweet !!!

Last week there was a great sketch at Creative Scrappers. I just had to make it. I also did last sunday but since the weather was so bad over here. I just couln't make a good picture of it. So today I finally did. This is the sketch :

And this is what I made of it. Photos of a walk from Fabian at school. So cute to see how they all did their best to run as much as they could to collect money.

vrijdag 10 september 2010

Last entry Creative Scrappers

This lo I also made for the submission of Creative Scrappers. Just cannot get enough of their sketches. They just are so lovely. At home I have another one lying on my desk. Need to take a picture of it so I can place it on my blog. But the last couple of days it is really rainy here in HOlland... so the pictures that I took are really horrible. This weekend they finally expect some nice weather so hopefully I can take one than !! That would be nice. It is made with their latest sketch.
Probably I won't make it to their team.. but I still dream of making it. Would be tooo awesome !!!

I have been productive with scrapping.. but because of the reason above I cannot show more at the time. So there will follow more.

My dad is really going strong. He is already climbing stairs now with help of crutches and that really goes well. He even walked without help from anything and that is really going the right way. He wants to get home at the end of this month. We are sooo hoping he will make it. When that happens he was almost away for 9 months. A real long time to be away from home ofcourse. But we are sooo glad he still is with us. It could have been so different. Glad that is not the case. Now life is different too.. but that doesn't matter.. we adjust quiet quick.

Fabian is going good also. He has a blast at school and that is so important. Yesterday he was the helping hand of the teacher. They get little things to do.. like giving out the drinks and foods in the morning and so on. He really enjoys that. He got a sticker on his head and kept it there all day long. Sooo cute. Love to like at him when he is that way !!

maandag 6 september 2010

Creative Scrappers.. .my submission

As you all know I submitted for the Creative Scrappers Design Team.. just made new lay outs for them with their fab sketches. I finally got some pictures from my hubby when he was young. It took me a real long time to get them.. and now I finally got them.

When I saw the sketch...... this one....I just knew what i wanted to make of it. Just gotta love it.
The paper and the photos just match so very well. My hubby was a lovely little guy I think !!!

vrijdag 3 september 2010

So in the mood but have to wait

I am so in the mood for scrapping.. but am at work.. so really have to wait till tonight.. when I am probably to tired to sit down :-((( Well will see. When I go home I first have to pick up my son and than we will go the "startparty" of his school. It will be from 5 p.m till 7 p.m. Don't know if we will stay he whole time. depends on how much fun it is for him and he wants to stay.
Completely new for me.. so let's see what happens. I don't have to go alone.. we will go with our little family. Ofcourse I will take my camera with me to take some piccies.

Ofcourse I also scrapped a bit. NOt much.. but just a little. This lo is from Jurgen his grandma and aunt from the US. Love the phote. They are so incredable cute togehter. When Biggi is over they have so much fun together. They are just always laughing. Could you tell Jurgen's grandma is already 93 years old !! She is sooo lovely.

woensdag 1 september 2010

Scrappassion 2 YEARS !!!!!!!!

This month we have a very special challenge at Scrappassion, because September is birthday month for Scrappassion and the blog is celebrating its SECOND birthday! So ... to celebrate we have a regular challenge and an additional one! Both the sponsors: Dolls and Decorations and De Scrapheap are giving away a prize this month, so there is a double chance on this too! And how about the regular challenge? Since it is the second birthday you have to make a project or layout with the number 2 or the word two on it. If you click here you will see the projects and the layout made by the team. This is the layout I made.

But ... I mentioned an addtional challenge as well. This is what you have to do: make a card with a birthday wish and the number 2 or the word two and send the REAL CARD to Ria. She will email you her postal address after you have emailed her a picture of your card. If you would like to win a prize you have to post the card to her in the mail! At the end of September we have a Scrappassion weekend and the Creative Team will pick a winner! There are a few more surprises, but I am not going to say anything about those, because you will find out about those if you win one of the two challenges! Have fun!