maandag 9 februari 2009


It took my ages to update my blog again. I somehow just did not feel like it. And had very little inspiration for a while. That was really bad.. because I really wanted to scrap. But every time I tried.. somehow there was a block and I was just staring at my papers.
Now finally I am back in business again. Forgot to make photo's of my work so this weekend I went for it.. and put it on my camera. So you can expect a bigger update one of these days.
This a little gift for a collegaue of mine who became a daddy in November. My department always "expects" me to make something nice.. this is what I came up with after seeing something like this in the Scrapbookmagazine. I thought it would be a really nice gift. They were really happy with it. So that was just sooo nice.

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