woensdag 18 juli 2012

Mojo far gone

I don't know what it is.. but my mojo is really far gone... did some project life pages.. but still have to make photo's of it. Furter.. really.. nothing gets me inspired.. or better said.. love watching what beautifull everybody makes...really want to do something than.. and than you already guess.. nothing is coming out of my fingers ...:( So.. sitting in my room.. doing some cleaning and moving.. and that is all there is. Fabian really wanted to do some scrappin... and made two layouts for a friend of us.. they are ok. Bur for myself.. nope.. nothing. Still have something to show.. it has been a while since I made that one.. but did not show it yet. Hope I get some mojo again because I would love to create something nice again.
Yesterday Fabian and I went to the cinema. Has has his summerholiday and since the weather is really bad here we went there and watched Madagascar 3. It was such a fun movie. And we had a great afternoon together !