woensdag 14 september 2011

Totally cool

You all know I am doing a online workshop. Did one in the summer that really was a big flop for me. So I hesitated to do this one. But I am sooo glad I did. Normally I would not have made this kind of Layouts. To much whitespace for me. But I like it a lot. I see and learned things I would have never trusted myself to do so.
Still have one more workshop to make.. and that again is a real nice sketch. The technique that is in there I already knew.. but hey.. that is not to bad. Saw some things that brought me to new ideas and that is why I am doing it.

Tomorrow there where will be more info about the next workshop. And I really think about doing that again ! It is sooo nice !

vrijdag 9 september 2011

Germany scrapps

There is a german online workshop goin' on.. and since I like Felicitas and Janna and really want them to have sucess I signed up. Really was sooo excited to see what they came up with. And I can tell you.. it is great !! It is a basic workshop but I still see things that I learn !

First theme was how you make a layout and the basics.. and a great sketch with it. This is what I came up with :

The second theme was about placing photos and how to use it. Always good to see how others think of that.. and I also saw some nice new things ! You can always learn from eachother. And ofcourse a great sketch again !!! This my take on that one :

There are still two more to go with two sketches.. I am sooo curious what they made of that... so ... next week.. some more about Deutschland Scrappt !!!

maandag 5 september 2011

Found a sketch.......

A couple of days ago I found this great sketch somewhere.. really don't know where I found it. And just loved it. So went to the the table and started.. I came out so easily. Sometimes you have that. Just go with the flow. Used some paper from MME ( think it is called Lime Twist)
They fitted so perfect with this picture. I had to scrap it because Fabian was really looking spotted.. He had no pain it was just a bit itchy every now and than. But hey.. that is only normal.
Love the way it looks ! Just keep looking at it.

Today I found some yummie washi tapes on my desk here at work. I ordered them and to save shipping my colleague picked them up for me. I cannot wait to start working with them.

I will not be online a lot from Wednesday I guess.. because it is hospitaltime for my dad again. He is getting his second new hip and we will visit him almost every night I guess for a week. So there won't be much time for blogging and scrapping. As long as everything goes well I really don't mind.

vrijdag 2 september 2011

Did scrapping but took no pictures

Lately I did some scrappin'but did not made any pictures yet. It was raining all the time here in Holland so I have to wait. Today the sun is shining again finally.. so I will make some piccies later of what I have made.

At the moment I am thinking about making a little mini about the month of September. I saw some great mini's on blogs.. and since mini's is not so my thing I have to get a lot of inspiration to make them. I really want to give it a try.. because it looks so cool with everybody else. No a nice theme.. and thought I would make it about the things in September.. things we do.. we buy.. we eat.. etc etc. That should be fun. Because a lot of you are doing that. So I will start making pictures and collecting.. and than start making a mini !!

Ofcourse there is still someting to show.

this one is made again with a Creative Scrappers sketch.. think it is number 171. I am on a roll when it comes to their sketches.. finally.

So off to eat something.