dinsdag 29 juni 2010

Sooo incredible hot !

Since last week it is really incredible hot over here. It not funny anymore ! I cannot stand that heat. I sleep real bad at night which makes me tired during the day. Yesterday at work I really had a hard time. I could not keep my eyes open. Was so glad I could go home. So I stay inside a lot. Fabian loves to play outside and I let him. BIut he has to come in the shadow every 15 minutes or so for a couple of minutes. I find it to dangerous for him if he doesn't. Those little ones get a sunburn real quick even though I put suntan on him.
This afternoon they have a waterballet at school. He really cannot wait. He can bring his watergun and that really makes him happy.

Ofcourse I did some scrapping while being inside. It isn't that hot in my scraproom. Glad that it isn't.

This picture I really love.. these are the man closesest to my heart. My dad, my hubby and my uncle. We where hiking some years ago. My mum and I could not go further and they walked all the way to the top. It is not a real good picture.. but that does not matter.

donderdag 24 juni 2010

Great Give away

Birgit has a great give away on her blog. She designed this great new paper line and gives away one set. So I thought will give it try. They are soooo great !!!
Hope they will be in the stores here in HOlland to.. .because I never get really lucky when it comes to give aways and would love to have a set.

dinsdag 22 juni 2010

CT member search and new work !!

We at scrappassion are looking for 1 CT member... unfortunately you must be from The Netherlands or from Belgium. Please take a look at this post and give it a try. We are really a nice group of women and love to be creative. It would be so nice if you could be a team member.

Lately I have been creative again. And I can show some stuff. I really tried some vintage.. I like what it became. Althought it is not my specialty. But that does not matter.

It is an old picture of my mum. They did not own this bike but everybody in the neighbourhood was on the bike. So this is a special memory for my mom. Really loved it when I got this photo.

I also found some old holiday pictures. Again you see my mum. We were walking and found this ruine. Love this picture of my mom.

There is more to show but I think I will save that for another post. Always nice to have pictures in a blogpost.
My dad is getting stronger everyday. So good to see. Yesterday he told that he can get his legs outside the bed himself but cannot get him self complety up yet. But that will come to. It makes me happy that things are going in the right direction. He is full of spirit ad tries his best. That is a real good thing.

maandag 14 juni 2010

Things are going up !!

Since the last time I wrote a lot has happend. My dad finally is in rehab. I am so happy about that. He is doing great and you see him getting better. Not that he is walking already but his legs are moving more everytime I see him and that really makes me happy !! He wants to go home so bad. I can understand that so well. He is already in the hospital for 5 motnhs. That is a long time.
Every now and than I can feel how tired I am cause of all the tention we had and all the driving around. But now we see improvement and everything seems more easy.

So more scrapping is done.. every now and than. As you know a couple of weeks ago we had a crop with the girls of the Scrappassion CT. It was really nice. Ingeborg gave us a package ( everyone the same) that we had to make a lo with. This is what I came up with. It was a real challenge for me.. I would never scrap with that I guess.

Than I made a funny layout of my son. He sometimes is one crazy little guy. He walks around our livingroom like this picture a lot. Just because he likes it.. hahaahah

I made some more lo's but I cannot show them yet because they are for challenges. And some of them I did not make piccies of. So for today this is it. Hope to be back soon.

vrijdag 4 juni 2010


On the Scrappassion challenge blog we have organised a bloghop. Sorry ladies... it is only in dutch ! But I really hope a lot of you will join. The prices are amazing !! This is the message that is published on the blog... so hope over to Scrappassion blog and join !!! It will be fun.

Als CT hebben we talloze leuke ideetjes bedacht voor de komende tijd en zelfs voor volgend jaar hebben we iets in petto dat zeker zal aanspreken. Maar zover is het nog niet!

Allebei onze sponsors, De Scrapheap en Dolls and Decorations hebben beiden een waanzinnig groot pakket aan ons beschikbaar gesteld hiervoor. Daarvoor zijn wij uitermate blij en bedanken we hen dan ook zeer.
Wat moet je doen!

  • Wordt VOLGER van Scrappassion!
  • Zet onderaan dit bericht je reactie op deze onwijs leuke actie met in je bericht duidelijk je URL VAN JE EIGEN BLOG!
  • Maak op je eigen blog een bericht aan met daarin de aankondiging over de BLOGHOP bij Scrappassion, nodig mensen uit te gaan kijken en mee te doen.
  • Zet in dat bericht de volgende BLINKIES neer: een blinkie van Scrappassion, een blinkie van De Scrapheap en een blinkie van Dolls and Decorations en eventueel de foto's van de bloghop prijzen! [rechtermuisknop en dan afbeelding opslaan als...]
  • Zorg voor GOED WERKENDE LINKEN naar Scrappassion, Dolls en De Scrapheap.
  • Je kunt maar 1x je bericht plaatsen hieronder.
  • Zet je wel je bericht hieronder maar niets op je blog, of ook geen url, dan wordt je bericht verwijderd. Zonder blog kun je niet meedingen naar de pakketten.
  • Na 30 juni laten we via Random Generator 2 nummers kiezen die de prijzen winnen.
Hier de blinkies van Scrappassion en onze sponsors:

En dan nu natuurlijk de prijzen die beschikbaar worden gesteld door De Scrapheap en Dolls and Decorations!! Wij bevelen overigens allebei de winkels van harte bij jullie aan!

Dit geweldige stempelpakket en hierbij komt nog een nieuwe cardkit waarvan nu nog niet bekend is hoe die eruit ziet, dus dat blijft een verrassing!

Een volledig paperpack en embellishments van Basic Grey Capella.

De waarde van elk pakket is € 45,=!!! Dat lijkt ons genoeg reden om mee te doen aan deze waanzinnige bloghop!

Wij hopen dat jullie net zo enthousiast zijn als wij en onze sponsors.

donderdag 3 juni 2010

New challenge at Scrappassion

Ria came up with the challenge this month. We had to make a vintage lo... boyyyyy... that is not what I do very often.. sometimes I try.. but not that often... so a real challenge for me.
Not only for me.. but for most of our group of CTers it was a challenge.. but I can tell you.. they all did well.
Please check out our blog and see what they made. Let yourself also be challenged. It is really nice !!!