zondag 30 mei 2010

Scrappassion CT Call and CT Meeting

Yesterday we had our very first CT meeting from the Scrappassion blog. We never met eachother before. The only one I knew was Ria.. the rest I only knew from the blog and from the emails we send. So it was nice to finally see them in real life. I wasn't nervous at all. NOrmally I am when I meet "new" people.. but it all went so nice and easy. The girls are all very nice.. and just what I expected somehow.
We really did some nice cropping and talking and also some brainstorming for the blog for the future. We really came up with some very nice ideas. So keep looking at our blog to find out what !!!!

We also have a CT call going for one more CT member. I could be you ofcourse. It would be really nice if you would give it a try and become a member of our team. Just take a look at our blog to see what it takes to make a change. I am looking forward to see what you all made.

woensdag 26 mei 2010

Some days......

I am doing something I am not supposed to do. Blogging at work. I am sitting all alone in my department.. nobody here. Soooo lonely. That really is not nice. I really don't like it. But I am glad it does not happen that often.
So to get my mind of thing.. just do some blogging. Lately I have made some lo's but there are I few I cannot show because they are for some challenges. You have to be patient to see them. Others.. I still have to make some pics of them.

This one I can show. Fabian tried to ride.. but he did not know how. But with some patience he made it. So cute in my eyes.

My dad is getting better everyday. He is now waiting so that he can go to the rehabilition clinic. Hopefully there will be a space soon. That is closer to coming home again. I really want him home again. He can go downstairs now when they put him in a wheelchair. So that is a big change for him. But ofcourse.. he also want to go home. So let's cross our fingers that it can happen soon. Life can go back to "normal" even though it probably never will be the same again.

zondag 16 mei 2010

Going strong

Days fly.. like never before. We had four days off.. and now only the afternoon and evening are still left. Where did time go ????!!!!

My dad is going strong. He is getting stronger everyday. That is really good to see. Now he is waiting to go to the clinic to learn to walk again. It will be hard work for him.. but he really wants to so that is good. Motivation is ofcourse everything. Hopefully there will be a space soon !!

Lately I have done some scrapping to. My mood is getting back and I love to scrap in my little room upstairs. I made a great box for a collegaue of mine for his wedding but the album in it still has to be made. So nothing to show there.
Than I already finished the next challenge for the Scrappassion blog.. but.. you have to wait till I can show that.

My mom gave my some wonderfull old piccies of my family. Was thrilled. This one is from my dad on his sisters wedding.

Really like this photo. He looks so cute there. At his side is his niece. So no romance at that young age :-))

Than I finally scrapped some piccies of Fabian when we were on holiday in Belgium. The photos aren't that good but I just had to scrap them.

Yesterday we had a birthday of a collegaue of Jurgen. He celebrated his 25 b-day. Was very nice.. but I was really glad he had a room for us so we could stay to sleep. Was really nice. But also glad to be home again.
Now I am going to enjoy the rest of the sunday that is left over !!

vrijdag 7 mei 2010

Operation behind us.. and some more to show

Finnally the wound closing operation of my dad is behind us. It went very well and he feels good he says. That is so very nice to hear. After four months it is time that we can start to heal and than get him up and going again. It is so nerv racking. Never thought it would be that hard.
I notice that I really get very tired now that he is doing better. At my work I feel tired all the time and there is nothing coming out of me. Yeah there is.. but it should be more in my eyes. Think I just need some time off. Maybe Jurgen and I can get some time off at the end of the month. Just see how things will go with dad than. I really don't want my mom to be alone. She really needs the support. It is so hard on her to. You can see how tired she is in her face. And though she keeps going. I really admire that in her !!

Meanwhile I also did some scrapping.. although it goes slow. I need hours or days to get a layout done. Nothing for me.. since I am not such a slow scrapper. But every now and than my inspiration seems to be out. Yesterday evening I got some stuff downstairs ( I try to scrap in my " scraproom") but only the photos and one paper are on the cardstock.. maybe tonight I get some more done. Who knows.

Here are some things to show.

This is an old piccie of my grandparents I got from my mom. I really love old piccies. Got some more...

And here is my little sweetie. Used a photo of the shoot we did of him last year May. They are so great. He was a bit afraid of the sheep.. but still sat down. My brave hero.

maandag 3 mei 2010

New challenge Scrappassion

New month, new challenge. On the Scrappassion blog we have a new challenge. This month I was the one to came up with one. I wanted a challenge that was not too difficult. So I came up with..
Use white cardstock for the background, Use a borderpunch, stars ( not in the paper) and a pic of 13x18 cm. The above is what I made of it.
I thought it was fun and not so difficult this time. That is also nice sometimes.

You really did not found me blogging a lot lately. My dad is still in the hospital and it takes almost all my energy. In the evenening I just want to sit.. watch tv or just surf the internet doing nothing important.
This thursday he will get a woundclosing operation and we hope we have it all behind us then. He is nervous for it.. and so are my mum and I. But I am positive it will go ok.